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Honda Dealers in Simpsonville: How Fuel Efficient is your Car?

Fuel efficiency of a car is always a cause of concern. And the rising gas prices aren’t helping either. If your car is drinking gasoline like a thirsty elephant, you will soon go bankrupt and the Feds will come looking for you. So, those EPA numbers on a car matter, especially if you have a family to support, as the rising oil prices will ultimately make Siri in your car useless.

So, how fuel efficient is your car?

Higher the EPA rating, the better fuel efficiency your car has. Any figure around the 15-18 mpg mark is actually trash. But then again, if your car is bulky or if it’s a pickup with a low-end powertrain, such an EPA rating is not surprising. So, when you are out to buy Simpsonville used cars, always opt for that vehicle with an EPA of at least above 20mpg. Depending on the make and the company, this number can go higher.

Which cars are the most fuel efficient?

Honda’s sedans have been leading this race for quite some time now, closely followed by Toyota. You can go for these carmakers even when you are looking for used trucks for sale as the EPAs on them are also fairly impressive. Currently, on an average, the best of Honda’s sedans are known to give you a clear 35 mpg whereas Toyota comes immediately after at 29 mpg. Accord, Camry, Ridgeline, fuel efficiency is premium with these companies’ models.

Should you buy a new car for better efficiency?

That may seem logical at first, but there is nearly no need to spend $30,000 just to get a better mpg. In reality, the EPA of a car majorly depends on the chassis weight, the powertrain in place and where you are driving the car. If a used Camry has a low mileage behind its back, its fuel efficiency will be at par with a new one. Hence, you can really spend quite less and buy from the collection of good Simpsonville used cars. New model is not a necessity.

Where will you get such good used cars?

Family Auto of Simpsonville is your answer. Here, you will get a huge inventory of Honda and Toyota cars combined with other models from Kia, Chevy, Ford, Hyundai and much more. Even impressive deals are present on used trucks for sale and every vehicle comes with a 36,000 miles warranty. So, instead of spending more money just to save on fuel, buy from such used car dealerships where you can save on both. EPAs will never come to haunt you again.


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