Home Essential Driving Safety Tips for the Summer Months

It may seem that all the snow or the slippery roads of the winter tend to make driving impossible but exactly the opposite is true in reality. As per the data collected by the Department of Transportation, fatal accidents increase by a rate of 18% during the scorching summer months as compared to their chilly winter counterparts. So, what is the secret? Do people let their guards down as the sun shines brighter or is it the traveling spree that brings more cars on the road, thereby increasing the number of accidents?

You really have no use in knowing the real reasons behind the increased rate during summers. But what you can use are the safety tips, when you are out on the road yourself, as the sun is glaring down. Follow these and always drive safe.

  1. Keep both your car and yourself hydrated

Liquid evaporates as the temperature soars. So, you will need to stay hydrated to maintain your cognition functioning and keep your driving skills intact. The same applies to your cars for sale as well since the liquids inside tend to dry up faster than they normally do. Fill up the coolant fluids. Make sure to check more often. Your engine will heat up beyond dangerous levels in their absence and that will lead to the unforeseen accidents.

  1. Check and recheck your tires

Too much heat will melt portions of the tire. Naturally, wear and tear increase during the summers. You need to keep a thorough tab on your car’s tires as when the times comes to apply a hard break, those rubbers become your life savior. Keep tire pressure maintained at the optimum levels. Get a new set, if necessary, just as the temperatures rise. A good set of tires can keep accidents at bay by a long-distance and improve your car’s handling.

3. Avoid exceeding your car’s payload limit

Overpacking may be a matter of joke to many but it should not be one to you, especially if you are driving. The engine has to work harder when it has to haul a massive load. The more you pack your car, the more your engine works, and the heat generated proportionately increases. And if it’s summers, this heating effect will take place pretty fast as the ambient temperature will not help your cause. Thus, if you exceed your payload limit, an accident is evident.

4. Glare is your sworn enemy

The Department of Transportation holds glare from the sun as one of the major causes of all those accidents during the summer months. Hence, it goes without saying that you need to stay away from glare as much as possible. A sunglass is a simplistic solution. You may also use a sun shield to keep the excess light away. Do whatever is necessary, especially if you are planning to take the empty highway often.

5. Keep your car’s filters in top shape

Summer months are dry. Dust goes around in the air. This is when you need to keep extra track of all your car’s filters to ensure they are clean and airy. For instance, dust accumulated in your engine’s air filter will lead to incomplete combustion under the hood. That will damage your car. Similarly, dust in your AC’s filter will shut it down. And you don’t want to drive in the heat. This is how important your filters are during the summers.

So, it is no secret anymore that you will need frequent servicing of your car as the summers approach. The heat is no friend to your car. And thus, to reduce all the hassle, you need to get your car from a dealer that is widespread and has a center all over Upstate, South Carolina. Family Auto is such a brand, where the cars not only come with warranties but their service is also professional. With the right expertise, you are sure to remain safe always