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Filling the tank is one of the regular expenses you will have to do on your car. And it will so happen that you will have no idea why your car is consuming gas like a thirsty whale. You may blame it on the model or your dealers, but saving on gas ultimately comes down to you. How you drive your car and what you carry along will determine your regular expenditure on gas. So, if you want to cut down here, save gas on your car and protect Mother Earth for a change, the following tips will come in handy. Take note, practice them and see the bucks stay in your bank

  • Do not keep the engine running

This is really a no brainer! While it may feel good to take off immediately from outside of the grocery store parking lot, keeping your engine running or idling it consumes about half a gallon every hour. Your car may come with the fuel-efficient tag but allowing your engine to work while your car cannot move is a total waste of all that gas. Instead, turn it off, wait patiently and fire it again only when you need to move.

  • Keep your tires well filled

When was the last time you got your tire pressure checked? Just because they look round does not mean they are in perfect running condition. Tires with low pressure require greater traction from the engine to run which ultimately eats up more gas than necessary. Schedule a visit to your dealers regularly and maintain your tire pressure. These are where motorists can make massive savings on gas.

  • Shed the extra load

Do you really need to carry around the exercise gear in your car everywhere you go? Have you forgotten to unload the camping bags from the roof? All these drops add up to make your car heavier which, in turn, makes the engine work harder. Naturally, it will take more gas to accelerate your car and the tank will become empty even when you did not drive that much. So, unload the unnecessary from your car and keep it nice and light.

  • Be easy on the pedals

Frequent braking can eat up a lot of gas. And so does hard braking. Every time you push down the brakes, the kinetic energy of your car is lost to the atmosphere as heat and all that work that the engine did to get you up to that speed is ultimately lost. However, when you cruise to a stop, that minimizes the loss as friction takes over and all these help in saving on gas. So, check your speed, keep a fair distance between you and the car in front and go easy on the pedals.

  • Change your air filter from time to time

Air filters are that seemingly harmless component of your car that can drain your car’s gas in an instant. A blocked air filter cannot send the required amount of air to the engine which leads to incomplete combustion of gas. You lose fuel even when your entire car is in perfect shape and it takes an expert to figure out that the demon is actually in the air filter. Again, drive to the servicing centers regularly to keep a tab on all these.

  • Maintain your car’s aerodynamics

In other words, how much wind resistance your car is facing. Say you decide to hit the highway and drive at a fairly high speed. Keeping your windows open will increase air resistance and your car will have to slog through all that air friction. Here, keep the windows shut and turn on your AC. And at low speeds, do the exact opposite. Allow the air to cool your car and switch off the power-consuming AC.

Simple steps but necessary ones. With rising fuel prices, these must be on your priority list to save on gas. Stay sharp and things will just be fine.

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How to Save Gas on Your Car?
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How to Save Gas on Your Car?
Filling the tank is one of the regular expenses you will have to do on your car. And it will so happen that you will have no idea why your car is consuming gas like a thirsty whale.
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Family Auto of Simpsonville
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