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5 Safety Tips You Need to Consider While Driving a Used Car

Not that your used car will misbehave at every step, but the amount of faith that you can put on a used vehicle will definitely vary when compared to a new one. In a new car, everything has just come out of manufacturing. It was waiting to hit the road. The parts are working at their best, friction and grip are supreme. But when a car has been in use for some time, wear and tear are imminent. Its behavior degrades a bit and the vehicle takes some time to react.

So, whatever might be a reflex to you while driving a new car, they require some level of caution when you are behind the wheels of a used one. And that is where the following 5 safety tips can become your life savior and protect both you and others on the road. 

 Maintain a safe distance from your leading car

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You need to assume that your vehicle’s reaction time isn’t lightning quick. Owing to their fair share of degradation, the tires will take time to bring friction into play. Thus, keep a safe distance from the car that is leading you while driving and reduce the possibility of applying a hard break. You really have nothing to lose by trailing behind by a few inches.d

Keep your focus on the road

A time lag in your vehicle’s response time also demands a maximum focus from you. Avoid using your phone in any mode while driving. Also, if you need to play music to keep yourself entertained, try to play a playlist that you do not have to change frequently. All of these will consume a part of your total attention which you must devote to the road.

Consciously use your turn signals

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The turn signals are indications to others as to what your intentions are. A wrong one or its complete absence may misguide other drivers and pedestrians, thereby increasing the chances of an accident. Make sure your turn signals are in perfect shape and consciously use them when on road. Give a quick glance to the dashboard every time you make a turn and ensure their right condition.

Strictly follow traffic rules

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Avoid trying out anything fancy with your used car, or any car as a matter of fact. Do not hit the gas and try to cross when the signal is yellow. Stop completely when it is red. Stick to your lanes, do not switch abruptly, and follow all the rules that you see in the rule books. No harm will come to you by maintaining the traffic rules. Why break them and risk a fine!

Drive below the speed limit

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If the speed limit is 70 mph, try not to drive exactly at 70. Keep it around 67-68 and decrease it further during monsoons or the winter. Here again, you must keep in mind that your used car’s tires are not new. They will not create that much friction when you need them. Keep below the speed limit to maintain a buffer but do not slow down too much that the other cars have to hurry you.

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The list of tips to driving safe is truly endless. In fact, if you analyze these objectively, these suggestions can apply to new car drivers as well. As for used cars, the first step to driving safely is to buy a quality car in the first place and where else to shop for one other than Family Auto. We confirm every part of the cars we sell are in top-notch shape. We back our promise with warranties and ensure that you get a car without any hidden skeletons. Buy from us and be sure of excellence. Drive safe and let your car be your friend.


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