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How to Get an Extended Warranty on Used Cars?

Who does not like warranties! The very thought that you will not have to pay a dime if something goes wrong and the company will bear the cost of it all is certainly relaxing. And when the product is your car, whose parts do not come cheap, warranties make you feel entitled and allows to bask on the glory of a smart financial decision. You are supposed to look for warranties while buying a used car. Once a vehicle has already seen a good amount of road, it is inevitably going to face a few glitches. Warranties will enable you to save your pocket, especially if you are buying an unreliable model that usually has to undergo a lot of repairs after running a few miles.
However, not all used cars come with warranties. Neither can you count on your luck and expect to find a pre-owned car that is within the manufacturer’s warranty limit. But, as always, there is a silver lining to this story as well and it is called an extended warranty.

What is an extended warranty?

An extended warranty, or technically known as a vehicle service contract, is a safeguard assurance that you get from third-party service providers against repairs and malfunctions. Extended warranties work in a similar way as manufacturer warranties with the sole difference being that the former is not coming from the carmaker. Yet, in case of any mechanical failure or repair requirement, the third party will take care of it in the same way as the manufacturer does where you will not have to pay for the servicing.
Extended warranties are not free. Manufacturer warranties come with the purchase of the new car. With third party warranty providers, you will have to pay a certain sum upfront in order to place that warranty on your car. In other words, by paying a specific amount, you are adding a few years’ (or miles’) worth of additional warranty on top of the manufacturer’s warranty that you may or may not have.

How to get an extended warranty?

In the US, there are a host of third-party auto warranty providers whom you can contact directly. A simple online search will open a list of such service providers who will willingly provide you with added warranties on your used cars or used trucks in Greenville, SC. In the case of any malfunction, these companies only will repair your cars or you might have to take the vehicle to the service center with which the company has a tie-up with.Or, you can search online for “used car dealerships near me” that provide extended warranties with your purchase only. Many dealers have direct tie-ups with extended warranty service providers and do not require you to go about shopping for yet another car-related thing. Directly in the dealership, you can fill out the necessary forms, pay the required amount, and walk out with the extended warranty without any added hassles on your side. But in the event of any mechanical failure, the dealership will not tend to the repairs. You will have to contact the third-party warranty provider. Lastly, and probably the best way to get extended warranty without actually signing any vehicle service contract, is to buy your used car from buy here pay here car lots like Family Auto where warranties come right in the package of your purchase. Family Auto is one of those few used car dealerships who provide 2 years/36,000 miles warranty on each and every vehicle of their lot without charging anything extra for the added warranty. You enjoy the same benefits without having to contact any third-party and can get the repairs done from the dealership itself.


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