Home How Does Home Delivery Work for Used Cars?

This is how home delivery on used cars work:

  1. Check the available cars online on the dealership’s website
  2. Choose a preferred model depending on the images available
  3. Set your delivery time and date and provide your location
  4. Fill out financing and trade-in applications
  5. Test drive the car upon arrival
  6. Sign the relevant papers and complete the deal

The process may vary from one dealership to another along with the terms and conditions associated with the home delivery offer. In addition to the above, you may have to upload a soft copy of driver’s license, address proof, credit history and more, depending on the offers and services you are taking from the dealership. A few dealers also keep the transaction papers online where you can fill up the sales documents online and just put in your signature when the executive arrives with your car. Read the steps carefully before applying and make sure you are okay with the associated terms.

Advantages of used cars home delivery

  1. Convenient and time-saving
  2. Comparing used cars online is easier than evaluating them first-hand
  3. Access to dealership’s full inventory
  4. No worries about expert sales pitches that drive up prices

Basically, you get all the benefits of online shopping when you opt for used cars home delivery. You do not have to visit the dealership. You can look at your options from the comfort of your home. Hassle-free shopping without much effort.

Disadvantages of used cars home delivery

  1. Fixed choices during the physical inspection
  2. Small exchange window owing to dealership’s home delivery costs
  3. Unavailability of expert advice from dealership staff
  4. No provision of financing for bad credit holders
  5. Limited offers and discounts on home-delivered cars

In exchange for your convenience, it is always a good idea to visit the dealership in person and physically checking out your options. This way, you can test drive multiple cars to pick the best instead of making your decision based on that one car that the executive brought along. Also, dealerships providing home deliveries cut down on a lot of offers to make up for the cost they incur with home deliveries and you stand to lose out more than gain from the deal.

To reap the benefits of both the online and retail worlds, compare the used cars online. But buy only by visiting the dealerships. This way, you get your convenience and buy right.