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How to Make the Most of Your Used Car’s Test Drive?

Most used car buyers still check for drive feel and stereo function while test driving a vehicle that they want to buy. But just after reading that sentence, you must know in your mind that it is not a correct strategy. Used cars come with a history of ownership and road time. That means the way the vehicle had been maintained and driven will matter once it comes into your ownership. To separate the stand out vehicle from the below-average one, you will first need to pick the best place to buy used cars in Simpsonville, SC. Then, follow the strategic evaluation process to make the most of the used car’s test drive.

First, remove all your biases

Human biases are natural. You might feel that the price is just right or have an inclination towards a particular make. If these boxes get ticked in the dealership, your analytical side will shut down and will not be able to make an informed decision. To carry out the test drive like a pro, open your mind and be accepting of all options that the dealership has to offer. At times, dealers like the Family Auto of Simpsonville can get you a better used Hyundai if you can remove your bias from a Toyota or Honda due to their large inventory.

Next, turn off the stereo and keep the windows open

The motive is to keep your ear sharp to detect weird noises coming from the car while you test drive. This step can say a lot. More than drive feel, prioritize noises as modern cars are not supposed to emit any. Listen for knocking sounds. Be attentive to sounds during gear changes and braking. Keep the routine going for a solid span to be sure that the sounds do not start coming after the car has been on the road for some time. Only at the last legs of your test drive, roll up the window and check the cooling.

Third, test the brakes in three stages

You surely cannot open up the used car’s brakes and manually inspect every part. But you also know that it is crucial to check the braking system both to assure safety and a great buy. You can evaluate the brakes in three stages. One, brake gradually from the speed limit of the road on which you are driving. Two, brake as if the light turned yellow suddenly from green, that is, a bit harder from the first stage but not too hard. Three, apply hard brakes from a cruising speed as if someone has come in front. A vehicle from the best place to buy a truck in Simpsonville, SC will pass all three tests without major hiccups.

Lastly, look under the hood and below the car

After your test drive, throw open the bonnet and look under the hood. You should not be getting a burnt smell. Also, check for oil, coolant, or transmission fluid leaks before checking for sludge or black deposits around the engine or oil tank. Then, lie down to look under the car for leaks. And run your hand on the tires to feel the evenness of the treads. Uneven tires are signs of a broken suspension. After confirming the health of all these, you can end your test drive. Sign the sale papers and drive home the best used car.


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