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Now Might Be a Good Time to Buy Used Cars with Bad Credit. Here’s Why

Over the last 2 decades, there really has not been a worse time to consider buy here pay here cars in Simpsonville but post the COVID-19 restrictions and shutdowns, the market has filled up with opportunities. As the manufacturing units closed down during the pandemic and the economy went for a toss, new cars vanished from the dealerships, and people held on to their existing vehicles longer. Many also lost jobs. Personal finances took a hit. But soon the government lifted restrictions, sent out stimulus packages, and businesses opened their shops again.

So, what’s the opportunity?

As car manufacturers gradually started producing vehicles again, a rush started to gain buyer confidence back. Thus, almost every new car came with a lucrative purchasing or financing deal that motivated many to buy cars. As people started buying new cars, they sold their old cars. And this created a fresh inflow of used cars in Simpsonville, SC into top dealerships. If you time your buy now, you are sure to get an exciting model. Target a dealership with a large inventory and you should get the exact make and model you want with the exact features.

Even financing is easier now

Like many others, if you have also taken a financial hit during the COVID-19 pandemic and your credit score plummeted for some reason, you can today walk into a bad credit car dealership in Simpsonville and easily finance a used car. Dealerships like Family Auto of Simpsonville do not consider your credit score to approve you an auto loan. The job you have is security enough for us as long as the paycheck covers the monthly premiums. On top of that, you can use the stimulus check you might have received to pay as the down payment for the used car. Or, you can use Family Auto’s flexible down payment option and pay as low as $500 as used car down payments.

Trade-in your old vehicle for a better resale price

Just as the COVID-19 pandemic created a dearth of new cars in the market, the used car counterpart saw a similar fate as people bought more used vehicles owing to their lower price. That gap is yet to fill up. The high demand for used cars has remained constant while supply has become irregular. This imbalance has shot up the resale price which is again an opportunity for you to trade-in your old vehicle for a good return. Based on the condition of your vehicle and the dealership you pick, you can use the dollar value of your old car to bring down the down payment. This will reduce your credit amount and interest as well.

The best time is now

So, without further delay, set your plans to buy used cars in Simpsonville, SC, in motion. Visit a top dealership like the Family Auto of Simpsonville and benefit from the opportunities that are floating around in the market. Gift yourself a quality vehicle, restart your life on a high note. Now is indeed the best time to buy a used car.


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