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5 Best Compact Used Cars in Simpsonville with Low Cost of Ownership

How much does that car cost? This is the common question that most buyers ask while shopping for used cars in Simpsonville, SC. Most of us also bring a fair idea of taxes, title registration, and insurance costs to the dealership. But only a few factors in the cost of owning the used car after purchasing it. These come from fuel expenses, periodic repairs, and more. A fuel-efficient used car with a high reliability rating will carry a low cost of ownership. Even if the starting price is high, you will have to pay less for gas and repairs over the years while owning the car.

So, if the cost of ownership has been on your mind, here are the 5 best compact used cars that you can look at. Visit the best auto dealership in Simpsonville and explore the options today.

Honda Civic

Honda’s fuel efficiency and reliability have a reputation of their own and these do not get any better than what you get with a used Civic. Both the starting price and cost of ownership for 5 years is optimal and where you save the most is in Civic’s fuel efficiency as the EPA is the best in its class. Combined with this, you get roomy interiors, decent cargo, and advanced Honda safety features which makes the car value for money.

Volkswagen Golf

Often touted as one of the most underrated used cars in Simpsonville, SC, the Volkswagen Golf returns better than average reliability ratings and a stunning EPA rating. This car is the budget version of the GTI and yet impresses with performance, space, handling, and safety. But where it wins hearts is its cost of ownership which lies a tad below the industry average. Consider a used Golf if you need a utilitarian compact car.

Kia Forte

If you are inside a top dealership to buy used cars in Fountain Inn, Simpsonville, SC, and spot a Kia Forte, chuck out all other options and request a test drive. From every possible angle, this is the best compact used car with the lowest cost of ownership (by used car standards). The fuel economy saves you a ton in gas expenses and the above-average reliability ratings keep the massive expenses at bay. Even Forte’s safety features impress as if the automaker has not taken a single foot wrong.

Toyota Corolla

You cannot list the best compact cars without having Toyota’s best-seller on it. Talk about reliability and the Toyota Corolla will take all the trophies. Come to EPA and the used car will return a great mileage. Both numbers lie in the excellent range thus giving you an optimal cost of ownership. The only glitch you might face while buying a used Toyota is its high initial price but that will seem acceptable once you calculate the ROI from gas and repair expenses.

Hyundai Elantra

For used car buyers who want both low initial price and cost of ownership, Hyundai Elantra presents an exciting option. In the compact segment, the car may not pack a punch but just on the basis of fuel economy and reliability, the performance is above average. Expect nothing luxurious from the Elantra. However, the car will get the job done as its basic features are commendable which also brings down the overall cost of repairs.


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